Charter School Teaching Team Awarded Fellowship at North Carolina Museum of Art

Reviewed by Mary McLaughlin, Ma-TESOL; M.S. SpEd

Sue Wilson and Angela Jenkins of Neuse Charter School in Selma, North Carolina are the proud recipients of a year-long fellowship with the N.C. Museum of Art. The two teachers collaborated as a team to win one of the six slots offered at the museum. They are the only charter school teaching team and the only team selected from Johnston County to be accepted into the fellowship program.

Jenkins teaches elementary technology and Wilson teaches elementary art. The two attended a three-day immersion workshop this summer to meet with other teams. During the workshop the teachers were given the opportunity to view and discuss ways of translating messages and social implications in artwork into the classroom using activities and class discussions.

Wilson and Jenkins went through a several step process to secure their slot including submitting their collaboration plans, personal interviews with members of the museum staff and compiling resumes.

According to Jenkins, both she and Wilson’s curriculums were in alignment with core subjects. She believes that integrating technology and art stimulate critical and creative thinking for students. “Creating projects that integrate in all areas help students retain subject matter,” she said.

Jenkins said that students are excited about working on projects that utilize content they’ve learned in another subject. “The students become more interested in their projects when they know that several teachers are looking at their project,” she added.

Teachers in the fellowship will collect works from their students that will be included in an exhibit which will be shown during the 2017-18 school year. They are also obligated to plan field trips and create lesson plans.

The fellowship allows teachers to network and build relationships with teachers from across the state. Jill Taylor, coordinator of school and teacher programs for the museum, said that teachers were identified based on their main needs of collaboration and professional development.